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Battery in car is highly required more while handling. If it is properly handled then life of battery will be shorten. But what we will do if it is not charging just throw away and then go for new battery which will cost you more money from your budget. So it is better to find the solutions to reconditioning it. Reconditioning the car batteries are not big task as you think. It requires simple steps to follow to recondition your old battery and to make it work as new one with spending lesser money. Solutions for good at sell my car now is much simpler which can be done by one self. We will see few solutions that make your old battery to last for more hours.

Here is the solution

After you battery removed from your car, it with plastic bag and keep in freezer for about 12 hours.  Then clean it after removing it from bag and recharge it for full. The acid coating will be covered up the battery if there is no leak in that. You can do it for few more times to get battery which will be working like a new battery. Find out a service provider who is good at car battery replacement.

Reset your car battery to have long time battery life, it is said to be an effective solution by many. What should we do to reset? Just follow the steps below.

  • Initially recharge the car battery to 100% and keep connected for 2 to 3 hours
  • Allow the battery to drop until zero and it get shut down. Keep as it is for upto 5 hours.
  • And now recharge it for full 100%. By doing this way your car battery life will be increased.

Follow the simple solutions

One simple way to keep your battery life in control is to keep them charging regularly. This will keep your battery cool and higher temperature will be cause of leakage in battery in summer.

Another simple solution to keep your car battery in control is charge it for 100% full and allow it to empty until 5%. And again recharge it for full, repeat this for few more times to get reconditioned battery. If you are having problem in your car battery doesn’t go for new one which cost you more money. Just try simple solutions good at car battery singapore to recondition your batteries.


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